Dreaming of kittens

Karen Satok, Toronto Canada – April 2022

  • When our beautiful cat Busy passed away at the age of 20 we mourned
    her. We had lost a queen and a best friend. Our house was sad and
    quiet without a cat (or two, or three). We knew we would be adopting
    two new kittens into our family as soon as possible.
    Before the adoption I began my search for the most well designed cat tree. Being a designer, I wanted something that would blend into our renovated 120 year old home, not be made out of synthetic carpet and melamine, and be sustainable.

  • And of course we wanted our new babies to enjoy rest and play in high places. I literally searched the world. There was one cat tree in Germany and one in Korea that caught my eye. But both were price prohibitive and did not deliver to Canada.
    Enter the Kissapuu Cat Tree and Satu Suhonen at www.kissapuu.com
    I loved the natural options, the subtle colours of the felt and the textural nature of
    the sisal.

  • In January of 2020, just months before COVID arrived in Canada, we adopted two beautiful kitten sisters. We named them after the young, adventuring Hobbits in Lord of the Rings – Merry and Pippin.

  • siberian cats at kissapuu cat tree


    Once we decided to take the plunge ordering was so easy. I got in touch with Satu because we have higher ceilings and she told me what size pole to order. I ordered three round platforms and two single perches. Once Merry and Pippin grew to full size we ordered a double perch as our two girls are bonded and love to sleep and cuddle together.

  • Delivery

    Fast, efficient and easy. The package included a personal note from Satu and comprehensive instructions for assembly.

  • Assembly

    I have to admit, I did not do this myself. We had a friend help us with the pole because of the high ceilings. The perches and platforms are a breeze to put on the pole.

If our cats could talk they’d give the Kissapuu Cat Tree eight paws up! We CAN talk and we love our Kissapuu Cat Tree. It makes us so happy to see the girls up on the double perch, watching the world out the window. We all look forward to years and years of enjoyment.
Karen Satok, Toronto Canada – April 2022

  • siberian cats at kissapuu cat tree


    The Kissapuu Cat Tree is beautiful. It has a small footprint compared with the carpeted competitors. The colours are neutral and should fit into any decor. Many of our friends comment that it looks like modern sculpture.

  • siberian cats at kissapuu cat tree


    Satu has been so proactive, kind and generous. I write this because my husband and I believe in the product, her company and the incredible attention to detail in all aspects of the business.