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Dream Cat Tree

Dream Cat Tree

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Wood material
Felt material of nest & platforms
Rope material
  • For the good of cats
  • Made in Finland
  • Customize

If you have any questions about the product, we are happy to help:

Dream Cat Climbing Tree contains: 

  • a pole and
  • three levels with felt: a round, a step and a nest
Wood material of the product photo is birch plywood, colour of felt is anthracite, rope is sisal. Wood material of single platform photos are oak veneer, felt is grey and beige, and rope is manila.

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stylish cat climbing tree tyylikäs kissan kiipeilypuu



For felt material of a nest and other levels, you can choose a colour of beige, grey, anthracite or red (colour in the picture is grey). If you prefer to have levels without felt, compose your tree of single parts in our web shop.

Separate sleeping pads of fabric or goat fur are also available.  Also, you can buy a separate felt from us later, see spare parts.

More photos of the nest you can see here.

You can locate the levels to the pole as you wish.

stylish cat climbing tree tyylikäs kissan kiipeilypuu



Kissapuu pole is metal. Diameter with rope is 4,5 cm / 1.77 in. Pole of metal withstands even pole dancing of bigger cats.


For the rope material of the pole, you can choose sisal, manila, or synthetic hemp rope (in photo manila rope).

Room height:

Room height of the cat tree pole can be 240-300 cm / 94.49-118.11 inches. Please specify your room height (with a precision of 2-3 cm / 0.78-1.18 in) after selecting the rope material. If your room height is lower or higher, please contact us before placing the order.

The pole should be installed on a flat and stable floor; installation on top of wall-to-wall carpet is at the customer's own risk.

We provide you with the instructions that help you to replace worn ropes later on and you can also buy rope from us, see here.

stylish cat climbing tree tyylikäs kissan kiipeilypuu



We recommend a firm customized wall support for heights above 290 cm / 114.17 in.

In case the ceiling is sloping, we can make you a tailored part to be fixed to ceiling in order to assemble the pole.

If you move and the room height alters, you only need to buy a new upper pole. You don't need to buy a completely new cat tree or pole.

If ceiling material is "flexible", you may need a separate ceiling plate.

kissapuu cat tree designed and made in finland


Design from Finland mark

Kissapuu has been awarded the Design from Finland mark. The label indicates that the product is designed in Finland. All Kissapuu products are made in Finland, too.

Kissapuu in interior decoration

Kissapuu cat furniture fit into any interior decor style - from modern to classic

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