User experiences

Lovely customers have offered the opportunity for those considering purchasing Kissapuu cat tree to come and see it in their homes. In Finland these homes are located in Lempäälä, Oulu, Tampere, and Turku. You can get the contact details by reaching out to our customer service at

Outside Finland: a lovely Canadian customer living in Toronto has offered to show their Kissapuu cat tree for those interested. Ask for contact details by contacting our customer service:

In Amsterdam you can visit Kattencafe Kopjes to see Kissapuu in live.

Read the testimonial written by Canadian Karen Satok here.

  • erikoiskorkea kissapuun tanko, keinohamppuköysi, tammiviilutasot, erikoiskorkea kissapuu, kissan kiipeilypuu

    Ludwig's specially tall cat tree.

    Ludwig's cat tree pole is over 3 meters tall, so it is supported by a separate fixed wall support. A sloping ceiling piece has been added for the attachment of the pole to the ceiling. The rope is synthetic hemp, and the platforms are made of oak veneer.

  • cat bed cat cushions

    Fudge enjoys the goat fur cushion

    Dutch cat Fudge enjoys the goat fur cushion on the double level. The materials used for Fudge's and his buddy's Amir's cat tree are: manila ropeand oak veneer. Some levels are covered with beige felt.

  • kissan kiipeilypuu, kissapuu, kotimainen kissan raapimispuu

    Lucky girl Lilli

    Lilli is a lucky cat: she has one cat tree in the bedroom and another in the living room. The materials for this tree are: sisal rope, birch plywood, and red felt.

  • Our Russian Blue Max has now used his Kissapuucat tree for a month for manicuring, napping and playing. Every now and then some treats have been hidden there for Max to find.

    I cannot come up with any improvement; the product is beautiful, perfectly finished and clearly our cat enjoys it a lot. My husband was happy with the easiness of the assembly.

    Karin Saarinen and Max, Ruutana, Finland

  • Thank you for such a beautiful cat tree - fantastic work and fast delivery. The tree fits to our home like it was made there. Ludwig seems to like it a lot! Thank you for such a beautiful cat tree - fantastic work and fast delivery. The tree fits to our home like it was made there. Ludwig seems to like it a lot!
    Marju Rouvinen & Ludwig, Espoo, Finland

  • After one year:

    Many people have commented that unlike typical cat climbing trees which tend to ruin the interior of an apartment by cheap-artificial-fur style, this slim structure made of natural materials is an element increasing elegance. 

    After six months:

    I enclose a photo from last week Jiji guarding his nest. It is funny how he has taken this nest so much as his territory!

    If we start touching the tree, he rushes even far away from another room to his nest so that no one else can conquer it! Right now, during the morning coffee, we played over half an hour so that Jiji in his nest "rumbles around" while I scratch the nest roof with a stick. Jiji goes absolutely wild :))! Also the rope has  coped perfectly  all hard grips.

    Besides our cat, we are SO happy with this investment. Many visitors have said that this tree is absolutely stylish, like it belonged to the house originally! They also say that normally you see horrible widgets of micro plastic that stand broken sticking out for different directions...

    After delivery:

    Last Sunday we assembled our cat tree with 3 different levels. The delivery came in small handy package (Note from Kissapuu: the pole arrives is long package) and was really easy to decide the place and assemble it. The three offers many options to place the levels so that cat's preferences can be taken into account.

    It took only 3 days when the kitten found his tree and enjoys the two upper sleeping places! Now he can be found in the nest throughout the day when he wants to be in peace & quiet. The cat loves to watch birds and dogs from skylight windows and fall in sleep within this "TV"!

    Paula and Jiji, Helsinki, Finland

  • I'M SOLD. I first saw this catpole on Instagram,I was amazed by how wonderful it looked and immediately started looking up where the catpole was from. Once I found Kissapuu I was immediately sold. I've compared the structure to other poles out there, but honestly nothing compares to the design and the very nice feature of being able to redesign your own catpole. Besides that I love how the pole is only made of durable materials like metal, wood, cotton and sturdy rope.

    The thing I dislike about regular poles out there; they are hard to clean when they get dirty and will not last due to breaking of plastic,cardboard and cheap fabric. Also can we talk how regular catpoles are a sore on the eyes?!

    I had a long time thinking on how to tell my partner I was going to spend €700+ on a catpole. Well there is no right way of telling, but I finally got him excited about the idea of the cats being able to loose their energy as they're indoor cats and can be a little distruptive. And why not buy something that will last and looks pretty right away right!

    Now a month later and I couldn't be happier, my cats love it. They play, sleep and scratch the pole. One of my cats is a ginger and for anyone with a ginger cat out there, you know the struggle with food. Although he has been on a strict diet for a year, it has been very hard to loose the extra fat on his abdomen. Ever since he has been going up and down the pole I have seen major improvement on his weight too.

    We're still exploring what to do next for catification. And I'll be definitely purchasing again at Kissapuu!

    Quick sidenote, the owner has been extremely helpful, kind and responsive on Instagram while I was deciding on which colours to pick and installing the catpole. I honestly wish great business owners who have so much passion for their product the best.

    Jennifer van Huizen ja Amir & Fudge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • cat tree for big cats kissapuu isoille kissoille

    Maine Coon Dobby

    The cat tree has large platforms for a big Dutch Maine Coon with his little siblings. The materials used for the tree are manila rope, oak veneer, and the platforms come with separate washable sleeping cushions.

  • kissapuu_cat_wall_shelves_kissapuun_kissan_seinahyllyt

    Australian cats parkour wall

    The Tonkinese and Russian Blue cats have all the Kissapuu wall shelves. The igloo at the top is especially popular, but this parkour track is good for climbing.

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    The Ragdoll trio's cat tree

    On each level of the Dutch trio's cat tree, there is a goat fur or cushion made of goat fur. Tree materials include manila rope, oak veneer and birch plywood.

  • It has been a few weeks now since my lady Lollipop’s kissapuu entered our lives and I can say with complete confidence that this is an entirely satisfying and joyous purchase. Lolly is a 2 year old Maine Coon and like most of her breed, she is very sociable, playful, clever and sweet. She spends most of her time exploring our apartment and is lucky to have many windows to view the world below, and while she does accompany me on many outdoor adventures, she doesn’t have direct access to explore the outside world on her own. I had been looking for a cat tree/tower that would allow her to satisfy her climbing, perching, hanging and dangling needs, but that also would be safe to have in our rented apartment (as well as beautiful to look at). I found a few candidates but none seemed to be right for us. Our “Goldilocks” moment came when I discovered Kissapuu and was immediately taken by the design and the company’s ethos of how their products are designed and maintained and for their durability. Then (like many before me) the amazing help and care provided by Satu sealed the deal. She answered all of my (many) questions both before during and after purchase. She even pre-empted questions or followed up with me afterwards just to make sure I had understood, keeping Lolly’s security and enjoyment of her kissapuu front and centre - and I am very grateful for this.
    The set up is straightforward and can be done by one person, however for the heavier perches I drafted in help from a friend to make sure it was as secure as possible. The instructions are clear.
    It took Lolly two introductions to her kissapuu to fall in love and she hasn’t looked back since. She can be found dangling from all of the perches, curled up for snoozes and hunting her favourite prey toys to carry down as presents. I am lucky that she enjoys being groomed and we even find some of the perches ideal to get to some of the tricky spots!
    Our apartment and the furniture in it has been chosen and organised in a way that promotes Lolly’s explorations but her kissapuu satisfies her specific cat needs and watching her interact with it is complete happiness for both of us.
    Thank you again to Satu and everyone who helped in the design, packing, shipping and care. Love,
    Ana and Lollipop, Dublin, Ireland

  • The tree was fast and easy to assemble, only the room height was a bit challenging and the screw of the adjustment foot remained slightly too long. Customer service was excellent and additional part was delivered free of charge. As usual, Minttu was a bit suspicious in the beginning, but after a couple of days she was playing in the cat tree. Now a few weeks later she is already sleeping there. We have been very satisfied with the cat tree and its outlook. We have a Zooplus barrel-like cat tree in the same room, and now when in two weeks time a new kitten is arriving, it is very likely that the Zooplus tree goes for recycling and we order a new Kissapuu cat tree.

    Pasi Liimatainen & Minttu, Forssa, Finland

    Assembly was easy, thanks for the good pictorial instructions! Cats love wood too, I knew that my younger cat in particular would like and spend most of the time on the top level. I was looking for a good scratching post for my home, the levels of which would be as high as possible. However, I am also particular about the visual appearance of my home and I prefer materials that are easy to clean. The other trees I found were of impractical size (wide rather than tall) or made of materials that shed easily and are difficult to clean. Your tree positively caught my eye. I also liked the modifiability of the tree (when the cats get older, the levels can be reduced) and the different level options. Thank you very much for a good product!

    Martta and Nestori & Neppari, Helsinki

  • cat bed cat cushion kissan peti kissan nukkuma-alusta

    Swiss cat Bibi

    Russian Blue cat Bibi loves her goat fur-made sleeping cushion. Fur cushions enchant all cats.

  • kissapuu ladder, kissapuu wall shelves, kissapuun tikapuut, kissan seinähyllyt, kissan seinäkiipeily, cat wall climbing

    Monty in Scotland

    Monty loves wall climbing on the Kissapuu ladder in Scotland. The ladder is made of oak veneer and the shelves are covered with red felt.

  • kissan seinähylly cat wall shelf

    Somali cat trio's activity wall

    What a delightful lookout spot on the felt-edged wall shelf. The active cat trio also has a cat tree with hammocks. Goat fur cushions are particularly popular.

  • Hi Satu:

    Thank you for sending us a new shelf for the cat tree and for the treats!  They were very yummy. The cat tree moved to our new house in Bloomfield Ontario Canada, and it was very easy to re-assemble… and we love the goat skin on the top platform!

    We have a new dog brother called Darcy…he’s not even 6 months old yet and he already weighs 23kg yikes!  We do go on the tree so that we can observe him from high up.

    The new house has lots of trees to look at through the windows, and birds and squirrels and even rabbits!

    We don’t miss the big city.


    Effie & Felix, Bloomfield, Ontario, Kanada

  • From the very beginning we have had very content Kissapuu users! The absolutely favourite of my three cats is the double perch which is spacious enough both for wrestling and naps. My cats almost never sleep side by side, but I find them nearly every day napping together on the double perch - this is quite an accomplishment from a product. The cat tree with its parts is of high-class quality and easy to assemble alone, too. Buying new levels and switching their places brings nice change both for the owner and cats. An absolute benefit is that the tree does not require damaging ceiling or wall, and it is possible to relocate it. 

    In addition, I have received very good and personal assistance from Satu e.g. when I ordered accidentally a pole of a wrong room height. 

    Veera & Sylvia, Lyydia & Liisi, Turku, Finland

  • Ordering Kissapuu was easy and the delivery was fast. All parts were well packed and corresponded the photos of the online shop. Assembly was easy. First the pole was rolling, meaning that it was not tight enough. The pole is to be tighted quite firmly.

    Cats enjoy the new climbing tower, both the old and young one. Climbing tree occupies only little floor space and is stylish from the interior decoration point of view. I also like the idea that you can order more parts to the tree. It is nice to modify the tree according to the needs of your own cats.

    Marjo-Riitta Nieminen ja Teppo & Eddie, Helsinki, Finland

  • The cat tree arrived a lot sooner than we expected, and our cat is very happy about that. My partner assembled the pole very easily, also thanks to very clear instructions (in Dutch, so unexpected and a great service!). I found your business very quickly through googling. We really wanted a nice slim looking pole that would support our Maine coon and yours fit that bill perfectly. Thank you!

    Anna & Dobby, Haarlem, The Netherlands

  • cat tree for multiple cats kissapuu usealle kissalle tukeva kissan kiipeilypuu kissan kiipeilykeidas study cat tree for many cats

    Yellow cats trio

    In Piki's, Taavi's, and Vallu's tree, there are multiple levels. The metal pole can withstand simultaneous climbing by several cats.

  • cat ladder cat wall shelves

    Kittens on ladders

    The Dutch British cat breeder has the Kissapuu ladder shelf (oak veneer, beige felt). What a kitten posing session!

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    Cat tree in a log house

    The cat tree for the Norwegian forest cats Seppo and Sylvi is in a log house over 100 years old. Manila rope and oak veneer complement the spirit of the house perfectly.

  • Assembly of Kissapuu cat tree was so easy with good instructions! Really great quality product. We are so happy, you have succeeded. Your product is more than best in its category. Better than suitable for the climber itself, but also for us people considering the interior design! We have not seen similar kind of product. 

    We have told many cat owner friends about your tree. Thank you also for a nice postcard greeting enclosed to the product. It was like a "icing on the fine cake".

    Surprisingly, Willow who is a shy and reserved rescue cat to whom change is difficult, Kissapuu has been such an easy and nice thing.

    Kati and Karri & Willow, Helsinki, Finland

  • We wanted to invest in a cat tree sturdy enough for big cats, and decided to buy a domestic cat tree. Ordering was easy and the delivery came really quickly. The product seemed a high-quality already when opening the packages. The assembly went well, especially following the easy instructions. Cats like the height of the tree, firmness and especially spacious double perch. Absolutely worthy of its price, a purchase of quality!

    Minna Tiainen and Taavi & Patu, Oulu, Finland

  • I ordered a cat tree and wall shelves to our cattery. Beautiful design and quality products. And the most important: cats like them. Especially I liked the possibilty to tailor your own combination. The delivery was fast and service friendly. I recommend!

    Tiina Saarela, Cattery Pihilajan, Kokkola, Finland

  • I'm so happy that I've got rid of those ugly, plushy and shaky cat trees after I found Kissapuu! Most of all, I didn't need to compromise my cats' cozyness - on the contrary. The product is designed brilliantly so that every customer can customize a suitable product for her (and for the cat) and add platforms within time. Kissapuu comes easily along if you move to a new place as the height can be adjusted and no holes to ceiling are left behind which is very important! Customer service is the best, top level, within expertise, dedication and warmth, and the product was brought to home attached with small gifts. Every aspect of this product is finalized and well thought, and today it is very respectable that everything is handmade in Finland. I recommend for those who value quality.

    Anu & Miona, Rauma. Finland

  • norvegian forest cat norjalainen metsäkissa kissapuun riippumatto kissapuu isoille kissoille cat tree for big cats

    Matti, the Norwegian Forest Cat

    Handsome Matti loves the Kissapuu hammock and his 'penthouse' double level, where he can climb to be in peace when he desires. Matti's tree is made of manila rope and oak veneer.

  • cat climbing tree kissan kiipeilypuu

    Three cats and a dog

    Not just for cats - Kairos, Tink, Vader, and the dog Leia are all rescues, enjoying their forever home with the Cat Tree in London. Tree materials: birch plywood and sisal rope.

  • cat climbing tree kissan kiipeilypuu

    Bengal cats in London

    Gavin & Velcro are a fantastic, playful duo. These cats have a total of five Kissapuu cat trees in their home with different configurations: some have only one level along with the pole, making it easy for them to climb 'fireman-style'

  • My cat Hilma is fond of cat tree and has climbed the pole all the way to the ceiling, and she likes to sleep on the perch. Assembling Kissapuu by myself was rather easy and I managed it well.

    Ilona & Hilma, Espoo, Finland

  • Assembling Kissapuu went well & was easy. Taiga is very much in love with the tree and me too! A fantastic product, congratulations!

    I had been searching for a cat tree for months, in the internet, but nothing was good enough...I found your products in Pinterest. I read your story & values, and then there were no choices anymore - it is the best!

    Nora & Taiga, Helsinki, Finland

  • When a cat came to our home, I thought of buying Kissapuu cat tree, but considered it expensive. Well, after two to three other combos I ended up buying one, because all the other ones were unsteady and flimsy - and not cheap either.

    Nowadays we have two cats and have had Kissapuu now for a year and I have to say that it is the best purchase I could make for cats. The tree is sturdy, stylish, durable, adjustable and what is the best, cats love it! I did think that what if a valuable tree would not please them as some of the earlier trees did not, but all the contrary! Every time when we have reassembled the tree e.g. to relocate it, cats bustle around like telling that 'hey stop what you are doing, you are not taking away our tree!'

    The double perch is just perfect for our two cats to sleep and they really sleep there - almost always. They also scratch the pole and have the tree as an observation and a climbing post; as said, they love it.

    We have a double perch and steps to which I just ordered felts and a sleeping pad aimed for double perch. I also ordered toys cats are crazy about.

    I recommend Kissapuu not only because of the product, but for the customer service. It is kind, fast, even personal; the latest spare part order arrived within one day after placing the order! It is very easy to speak for this product; thank you!

    Johanna Junkkari and Maco & Mäkki, Lempäälä, Finland

  • At first I started to look for a sturdy and safe climbing tree for my cat, but I noticed that tall trees also require a base that takes a lot of room space. I live in a two-room apartment, so I wanted to find a product that is tall, cozy for a cat, and space saving. The products of Kissapuu satisfy these criteria:) It was also a big plus for me that Kissapuu is Finnish, as well as of course their high quality, durable materials. I liked the idea that I could decide for myself what materials are used to make my cat tree. This way it will harmonize well with my interior decoration.

    The cat tree was well packaged for shipping (all components made it intact) and padded ecologically with paper. The assembly went smoothly, instructions in numerous languages were provided and the explanations were quite understandable. My only problem was that I wasn't tall enough to reach the ceiling even standing on my highest chair. I suggest that those installing Kissapuu cat tree first find themselves a ladder or a tall enough helper. I am very glad that the cat tree doesn't require permanent fixing. I can therefore change the place of the tree without a need for a minor renovation. I was very impressed by the softness of the levels in the cat tree, the wooden parts are sanded extremely well, you certainly won't get splinters. After installation I could but admire the outcome, this jungle gym is really beautiful:)

    My kitten won't be released from the breeder's care until August, so unfortunately I have no pictures with a cat to show.

    Susu, Espoo, Finland

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    Canadian Siberian cats Merry and Pippin

    The cat tree for the Toronto sisters is made of birch plywood and sisal rope. Initially, two sleeping platforms were ordered for the cats, but as they grew, they were replaced with a double platform, allowing both to sleep together.

  • british shorthair cats brttiläinen lyhytkarvakissa kissapuu cat tree customized cat climbing tree

    British cats in Melbourne, Australia.

    Osa and Mishka enjoy their own Kissapuu cat tree on the other side of the world. Each has its own sleeping platform. The tree is made of sisal rope, birch plywood, and gray felt. Timeless & stylish.

  • kissan kiipeilypuu isoille kissoille; kiipeilypuu usealle kissalle, tukeva kissapuu, sturdy cat tree for multiple cats, cat tree for big cats

    Hömpsy and Tyrsky's cat trees

    The speed couple has two extra-high cat trees, which are great for hanging out and climbing at the same time. The rope is sisal and the levels are oak veneer.

  • Really great quality product; fits well in a small space. At first I hesitated a bit, but realized that even a clumsy one can assemble the tree by herself; and it stays firmly. Miuku loves the upper perch, and takes all her naps there - or observes her servant's suspicious doings.

    Sari & Miuku, Helsinki, Finland

  • Our cat has accepted the tall cat tree bought to our summer house. Everything has gone well. The rope is actively used for scratching. Platforms are used for play and rest. The pole has been ok without wall-support (room height 311,8 cm). Our female cat is so small and the tree is not shared with another cat.

    Stiina, Espoo, Finland

  • My cat: a semi-long-haired housecat named Eldorado (a self-appointed lion king and wildcat number one). He is picky when it comes to trying new things. Opinion on Kissapuu’s climbing tree: FANTASTIC. He climbs to the top first thing after breakfast and hangs out there until afternoon, when he comes back down to disrupt his owner’s Teams meeting, slash his way through important paperwork and otherwise lay down on top of work stuff. Next, he makes demands for food, going outside and whatever else a cat might fancy. The evening sees him spurting around the Kissapuu cat tree like a maniac. At least at nighttime he settles down in his human servant’s bed, usually taking up as much space as possible. The cat tree is a great place for hiding from the vacuum cleaner and distrustfully eyeing visitors, among other things.

    Johanna & Eldorado, Riihimäki, Finland

  • I'm so happy that I've got rid of those ugly, plushy and shaky cat trees after I found Kissapuu! Most of all, I didn't need to compromise my cats' cosiness - on the contrary. The product is designed brilliantly so that every customer can customize a suitable product for her (and for the cat) and add platforms within time. Kissapuu comes easily along if you move to a new place as the height can be adjusted and no holes to ceiling are left behind which is very important! Customer service is the best, top level, within expertise, dedication and warmth, and the product was brought to home attached with small gifts. Every aspect of this product is finalized and well thought, and today it is very respectable that everything is handmade in Finland. I recommend for those who value quality.

    Anu Vaissi ja Helka & Herpertti, Naantali, Finland

  • customized cat climbing tree kissan kiipeilypuu kissan raapimispuu cat scratching tree cat tower

    Specially mounted cat tree for Ragdoll Lili.

    Lili's cat tree pole is wall-mounted using an L-shaped wall support, creating a 'ceiling' for the pole. The lower pole is suitable for higher room ceilings.

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    Hildur's and Wilbert's cat tree

    In the Norwegian Forest cats' cat tree, in addition to the double level and goat fur, there's a ping pong level. Apart from ball games, it serves as a great tool for fishing treats or other toys, an excellent toy for cat enrichment.

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    Climbing oasis in the foster home for the cats.

    This climbing haven brings joy to the rescue cats in their foster home in Tampere. The birch plywood platforms don't have felt, making them easy to keep clean, with washable sleeping cushions for added comfort.

  • It was easy to install Kissapuu and also purchasing it was easy. The pole is firm and well-done, platforms are beautiful and fine! For a climbing tree it is very beautiful. Especially our senior aged cats enjoy staying there - it is perhaps a good place to escape kittens energy. Highly recommended.

    Tiia & 5 cats, Ylöjärvi, Finland

  • We all love Kissapuu, both humans and all three cats. Climbing tree smells pleasent, is stylish and good quality. Diverse platforms offer cats safe places for rest and play (they sometimes play in the tree :-).

    Juliana Paski and Diego, Xailyn & Vispi, Pajuja Cattery, Lieto, Finland

  • After a few months of use Kissapuu cat climbing & scratching tree and observation tower has proven to be an excellent catch both from a product and as a customer service point of view! The product was easy to compose and order, delivery was fast and replacing wood covers happened in a flash. The product is durable and high-class, even good looking, and doesn't contain plushy "hair magnets" :-) An additional pleasure was gained for supporting domestic (Finnish) work. Points 6/5

    Hannele Tahvola and Dompsu & Hömpsy (who would stay in Kissapuu for the whole day if food would be served there), Helsinki, Finland

  • I bought the first Kissapuu cat tree three years ago. It became a big success. Lilli sleeps in the tree all day long. I bought another cat tree to living room a year ago. The same thing although the first cat tree is the dearest one. Assembly of Kissapuu is easy, alone, they are firm and safe both for a cat and the owner. Materials are durable and domestic. I absolutely recommend to buy a Kissapuu, it is the only cat tree you will ever need, it surely withstands even heavy use. I reckon this cat tree will last rest of our lives, Lilli's and mine.

    Tarja Etelälahti & Lilli, Jyväskylä, Finland

  • cat_climbing_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_design_cat_tree_tyylikas_kissapuu_design_kiipeilypuu

    Multi-level Kissapuu in England

    In this home with three cats, the multi-level Kissapuu tree provided stimulation and activity when the cats were playful kittens.

  • multiple_level_cat_tree_for_many_cats_cat_tower_monitasoinen_kissan_kiipeilypuu

    Adorable French British cats

    The climibing tower of Aila & Taffel's can be arranged like this. The picture is from a breeder of British Shorthair and Longhair cats in France.

  • ruokailutasot_lemmikeille_cat_food_stands_and_food_bowls

    Siberian cats indulging in treats

    Neo and Lana indulging in treats from Venandi's food bowls on the Cat Tree dining platforms (solid birch wood). Nice not to bend the neck too low.

  • I was able to assemble the tree myself with no difficulty at all. I was looking for something suitable for smaller spaces and not chunky. Thank you for beautifully designed and well crafted Kissapuu Cat Tree.

    Evelyn and Faith & Emma, Vancouver, Kanada

  • Our boys inmediately mastered their cat tree. Every now and then they compete over the upper level, but often sleep there together. We all are very pleased with the cat tree.

    Margit and Miska & Fedja, Kemijärvi, Finland

  • In my opinion one benefit of Kissapuu is that you can take into account a "difference" between cats, like physique and personality. One cat can be less of a climber, and thus it is good that platforms can be located with safe distances and later changed if needed.

    Riitta Kainulainen and Tähti, Vantaa, Finland

  • The new part (lower part of pole) and the wall support arrived. Again, products of high quality and everything fitted as we planned. I attach two photos so you can see why we needed such a high pole. Many thanks for your expertize and customer friendly service.

    Jukka & Tanja and Loimu, Rovaniemi, Finland

  • sturdy_floor_to_ceiling_cat_tree_tukeva_lattiasta_kattoon_kissapuu

    Kissapuu in Abu Dhabi

    Lucy and Luna are rescue cats in the United Arab Emirates who received a six-level cat tree. The materials used include Manila rope, oak veneer, and gray felt.

  • crib_hammock_kissapuun_riippumattotaso

    Vilma & Vihtori enjoy the hammock level

    The cat tree has multiple levels, but the absolute favorite is the hammock level, where both can fit together.

  • maine coon at kissapuu ladder

    Maine Coon Maya

    Maya is an Italian Maine Coon cat who enjoys the cat tree's corner ledge and ladder. Permission granted for wall climbing!

  • The ferrari of cat trees - a big purrrr of approval!

    Fabienne Frickmann & Roosevelt, Switzerland

  • Our girls absolutely love their cat tree!!

    Karen Satok and Merry & Pippin, Toronto, Kanada

  • Friend's comment: "That is not a cat tree. It is a luxury-adventure-pampering unit for cats. I dare not to show a photo to our cats, they might have some thoughts..."

    Jaana Linna and Piki, Taavi & Vallu, Tampere, Finland

  • This is an awesome product, thank you so much. It is well made and I love the simplicity. I've been looking for months for something simple and stylish. I was struggling to find a pole that wasn't thick, bulky and chunky. This does it and it fits perfectly in our home. Great job!!

    Gillian Carmichael and MiuMiu & Gavin, London, The UK

  • kissan seinähylly iglu cat wall shelf iglu

    Siamese cat Yuki in Canada

    Yuki in Quebec has claimed the igloo shelf entirely for herself, not sharing it with the other three family cats :-) The tree material is oak veneer, with a beige felt color.

  • kestävä kissapuu durable and ecological cat climbing tree

    Taiga enjoying

    Living the cat life: lounging in the sun on the cat tree's hammock level and keeping an eye on the happenings in the outside world.

  • kestävä kissapuu durable and ecological cat climbing tree

    Myrtti and Nipsu

    Devon Rex and Sphynx cats enjoying their very own cat tree. The nesting level provides private shelter, yet allows a peek into the household activities.

  • We bought a Kissapuu cat tree a few weeks ago and we are more than happy! Our two young cats immediately took possession of the tree; it is a scratching place, an observation room, a playground and a sleeping place. Our previous scratching tree was unstable and eventually twisted as a result of the cats intensive play, but the Kissapuu cat tree is perfectly sturdy and can withstand even the wildest of cats without budging. It is also really nice that the pole rope extends from floor to ceiling and cats have a lot to climb and scratch.

    As a keen interior decorator I am particularly satisfied with the appearance of the Kissapuu cat tree, is unarguably the best on the market. The tree has received lots of praise from our friends and even our guests who don’t have cats have praised the tree! The wood blends well with even the most modern décor and the slightly darker manila rope looks really stylish. The levels of oak veneer seem to be of high quality and the tone fits nicely with both our plank table and parquet. The levels are also easy to assemble and we received all the necessary tools in the same package. It is especially nice that the levels can be fixed higher or lower as the pole rope extends from the ceiling to the floor. This was really important to us and the Kissapuu cat tree was the only one that made our wish possible!

    In addition to the pole and levels, all the details of the wood are of high quality and carefully finished; the round base plate is wonderfully simple and the ceiling adjustment foot is small and discreet. The sleeves and their wooden covers are designed to increase the length of the pole also deserve an honorable mention; I haven't seen such a stylish solution by any other manufacturer. The center joint of the pole is completely covered by the sleeves and the sleeves fit perfectly with the other wooden parts of the Kissapuu cat tree.

    Last but not least I would like to thank you for excellent customer service. Every message was replied to unbelievably quickly and it felt like every customer was met with genuine interest. Our room height was a couple of centimeters below the standard pole length, but that was no problem as a pole of just the right length was tailored for us. When we had questions we were met with kind assistance, and all the challenges and wishes we expressed were taken seriously and the best solution for us was found. Even an “excellent” grade does not adequately describe the quality of the customer service, it was so incredible.

    We want to thank you for a wonderful product and all your help! I recommend Kissapuu to everyone, it’s worth every penny!

    Varpu Aulavuo and Hippu & Jaffa, Hyvinkää, Finland

  • I was looking for a firm, but beautiful cat tree for my cat and wondered whether I should build it myself. Then I found Kissapuu which is exatly what I was looking for. It takes only little space, but offers a lot activity for a cat, is beautiful to watch and is durable. The only consumable part, the rope, can be replaced. And the most of all there are no plushy surfaces to gather dust and hair! Delivery was fast and Kissapuu cat tree is easy to assemble. It can replaced without any marks in the floor and ceiling. Every detail is carefully designed and considered taking into account that the tree is safe for a cat. And I must praise also the customer service who did nor forget a customer traditional style inmediately after money had been transferred. The price hurts, but during our cat's lifetime many traditional big cat trees of various levels, of few hundreds, would worn out. So in the long run this will be cheaper.

    Paula Turunen and Sissi, Turenki, Finland


    After 4 years:

    Kissapuu has lasted time very well and even wild chasing games of two cats. In mornings, both cats like to stretch themselves along the pole because it is tall enough for cats. The tree offers a practical route to the wall shelf, and especially Nana likes to sleep on the top level.

    After delivery:

    Cats sleep and play a lot on different platforms. As 3 platforms are located close to the ceiling, cats feel safe and often withdraw to wash themselves in the cat tree. 

    Onni likes to sleep on the upper level (double perch). Platform is so big that Onni fits well to lie on his side. The board of the platform gives shelter, but simultaneously Onni sees what is happening in the household. 

    Nana likes smaller platforms, especially the one with felted roof (nest). Since Nana is rather shy, a sheltered platform suits better for her. 

    As cats are quite big, it is important for them to scratch and strech themselves using whole body length alongside the tree. That is why the lowest level is assembled quite high. The tree is located so that cats can come down using the self next to it. I consider the structure of the cat tree very good as you can place it in the middle of room when e.g. our solution works well both for humans and cats.  Many thanks for good designing. Cat tree is durable and stays firmly, you only need to check the tightening evey now and then.

    Elisa Mikkola and Onni & Nana, Jokela, Finland

  • Ordering Kissapuu was easy and the delivery was fast & flexible. It was easy to assemble the tree by myself, instructions are clear. Thank you also for a friendly customer service!

    Cats like the new tree madly, but I think that their owner likes it even more. Kissapuu is very beautiful! It fits very well into the interior deco of bedroom. I would say that it even highlights it. I cherish Scandinavian style, so the simple and clear design of Kissapuu pleases me very much. I located Kissapuu next to my desk and its lowest level serves as a small table if needed - for a small laptop. 

    I cannot say anything bad of this furniture. I give it 10 points!

    Eve and Hera & Rhea, Turku, Finland

  • I have got super good service from Kissapuu company including delivery to home. And help in assembly of the cat tree. Our two cats have been satisfied and enjoy various platforms. The scratching post of Kissapuu is stylish and fits into interior decoration. Service is informative and good. Personal thanks to Satu ❤️

    Heidi Stade and Vilma & Vihtori, Turku, Finland


    Thank you for calling and making sure that cat tree was properly assembled and that you take care of a customer even after purchasing the product. Good service!

    Fiona and Livia & Lilla, Helsinki, Finland