Is Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree suitable for outdoor use?

The metal parts of Kissapuu are corrosion-treated, but the product is not intended for outdoor use because of rain and snow. However, Kissapuu cat tree is suitable for use on a glazed balcony or other protected area. However it is to be remembered that in non-heated areas risk of huminity always exists. We recommend to have Kissapuu inside for winter period.

How durable is the cat tree pole?

The pole/post of Kissapuu cat tree is made of metal with welded parts. Although the diameter of the pole with its ropes is narrow, about 4.5 cm / 1.77 in, the pole withstands even pole dancing. However, we only recommend the pole to be used in cat pole dancing!

Does Kissapuu cat tree stay standing?

It certainly does if you have carefully followed the assembly instructions and secured the product firmly between the floor and the roof. Kissapuu Cat tree is not to be assembled to floor with carpeting, the floor needs to be solid and firm.

It is advisable to check from time to time that the fastening is still firm and tighten if necessary.

Use of Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree for other purposes is prohibited and may not be used to suspend/install inappropriate products (except for sleeping pads or blankets on the levels). Kissapuu cat tree is not a children's toy, so mind the children in the vicinity of cat tree and prevent children from climbing on it.

Is it easy to assemble?

Kissapuu climbing and scratching post is designed to make its assembly very easy. It can be assembled alone without any help. We provide clear assembly instructions and utility tools. Tighten the pole by rotating it firmly between the floor and the roof without a permanent fastening, so you can later change the location of cat tree.

Can i tailor Kissapuu cat tree assembly according to my wishes or acquire it one part a time?

This is possible. You can choose the levels/perches from our selection and decide on the number of perches and their place. See the "Cat trees" section of the product selection. This way you can also acquire cat tree for yourself in parts, depending on the situation of your cat home.

You can change the composition of perches in the Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree, and thus get variety for a cat and yourself.

If you want to compare the materials at home, contact us and we will send you samples of wood, rope and felt materials.

If i move to another apartment/house and room height alters?

This is not a problem. Some of our customers, while they have moved to a new home, have ordered a new upper part of the pole which fits the new room height. It is not necessary to buy a whole new Kissapuu cat tree. The upper part of the pole comes in varying length. You can order a new one that fits the height of your new apartment.

We have also customised poles so that you can locate Kissapuu for balcony with glazing in summertime for the joy of your cat.

Changing of rope and felt?

When it is time to replace worn rope of the pole or felt ot the platforms, you can purchase new materail from us, see Spare parts. You can replace them following instructions provided with the assembling instructions. 

The pricing of kissapuu products?

Cardboard, plastic parts or textile are not used in Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree or other Kissapuu products. The pole is metal and the rope material is 12 mm thick. The levels are made of birch plywood and oak veneer. The levels are coated with knit felt with hard wear-resistance. All parts are recyclable.

The product is manufactured almost entirely tailor-made in a carpentry workshop and local subcontractors in Southwestern Finland. An upholster makes the sleeping pads.

Like furniture Kissapuu cat tree, wall shelves & ladders are designed to be long lasting (10-20 years) with the goal of sustainable development and ecology. Felt and rope materials wear in use, but we provide replacement instructions with the product.

Delivery costs are charged according to fees that Matkahuolto (Finland), GLS & Fedex (other countries) and Postnord (Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden) invoice from us. Read more about deliveries below.

How can i make payment

Payment options are PayPal, credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express, Mobile Pay (Finland, Denmark and Norway) and Klarna in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands & UK.

EU free trade area countries: prices include VAT.

Outside EU: prices do not include value added tax, thus local taxes and customs duties may be collected, to be paid by customer. Final price (0 % VAT) will be calculated in the shopping basket and 24 % of VAT will be deducted for outside European Union countries.

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore & UAE: orders and deliveries are available in payments by Euros or USD.

What is good to know about delivery and delivery times?

Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree is made largely as a tailor made product on customer order (felting, special heights), so manufacturing takes 5-10 business days. External suppliers are also used for some of the work phases. Our goal, however, is that the product leaves our workshop as quickly as possible.

Didn't get order confirmation?

After successful payment you should receive order confirmation automaticly. If not, please check your junk mail or contact us: info@kissapuu.com.

Paljonko Kissapuu-lähetys painaa ja mitkä ovat pakkausten mitat?

Tanko toimitetaan erillisessä paketissa, jonka mitat ovat 160x20x15 cm ja paino noin 8 kg. Erikoiskorkeustangon (pituus > 263 cm) paketti on vielä hiukan pidempi. Koska tanko on erikoispitkä, veloittaa Matkahuolto siitä erillishinnan.

Tasot tulevat omassa laatikossa, joka esim. Kissan Onni - valmispaketin tasojen (pyöreä, askel- ja nukkumataso) osalta painaa 5 kg. Pakkauksen mitat ovat 45x45x27 cm. Kissan Unelma-valmispaketin tasot (pyöreä, askel- ja pesätaso) pakataan 45x45x48 cm kokoiseen pahvilaatikkoon, paino 5 kg. 

Erikseen tilattavien osien pakkausten paino ja koko riippuu tasojen määrästä. Esim. riippumatto- tai tuplanukkumataso pakataan 70x40x60 cm kokoiseen pahvilaatikkoon. Pienemmät tasot pakataan yllä mainittujen mittojen kokoisiin laatikoihin. 

Onko mahdollista tilata toimitus kotiovelle asti?

Matkahuolto toimittaa Kissapuun lähetykset valitsemaasi noutopisteeseen (Matkahuollon toimipisteiden lisäksi K-Marketit, R-kioskit ym.) Toimituskustannus määräytyy tilauksen painon mukaan (kg). Saat tekstiviestin heti, kun tilaus on noudettavissa.

Matkahuollolla on lisäpalvelu, jota hyödyntäen asiakas voi tilata tuotteen toimituksen kotiovelle asti. Tällöin tilausta tehdessä valitaan "Matkahuolto kotijakelu"-vaihtoehto. Matkahuolto on tekstiviestitse yhteydessä ja kotiinkuljetusaika sovitaan etukäteen (Matkahuolto ei siis vain ilmesty ilmoittamatta oven taakse). Valitettavasti tilauksen yhteydessä ilmoitetut ovikoodi- ym. tiedot eivät välity järjestelmästämme Matkahuollolle, vaan asiakkaan tulee ilmoittaa niistä sovittaessa toimitusta.

Can i see kissapuu products before making an order?

Currently our Kissapuu cat tree can be seen in Finland in cat clinic Almavet in Jyväskylä and cat shelter Kissakoti Kattila in Hämeenlinna.

If you visit Amsterdam in Netherlands, visit KattenCafe Kopjes to see cats living in the cafe and also our Kissapuu cat tree.

A lovely Canadian customer has offered to show their Kissapuu cat tree for those interested in buying a one. Their home is in Toronto. Ask for contact details by contacting our customer service: info@kissapuu.com.